The Tragic Tale of March, The Abandoned Pit Bull Who Found Hope


Regarding dogs in shelters, March's story is one of the saddest and most heart-wrenching. Abandoned on the streets, this pit bull was rescued and taken to a municipal animal shelter in Philadelphia. Despite his calm and content demeanor, March was never able to find him forever home and ended up being returned to the shelter, where he was left feeling dejected and hopeless. But with the help of a local reporter and a kind rescuer, March's life was turned around and he finally found the love and happiness he deserved.

The Power of Social Media

Local news reporter Dawn Timmeney learned about March's story and made the decision to post it on social media. The upsetting pictures of March's dejected kennel attitude attracted a lot of attention, and a rescuer stepped forward to offer to take him in before his death's last turn was scheduled. March's daring escape from the shelter was a rare moment of victory in what had been a very dark time.


March's Time in the Shelter

March's time in the shelter started off promising. The staff was confident that this adorable and well-behaved puppy would soon find a home. However, March had never been in a kennel before and was quickly surrounded by other frightened animals up for adoption. The mental toll of this situation quickly took its toll on March, and he started to lose his spark.

His most significant setback came when a family who had agreed to adopt him decided not to after finding him not "playful" enough. When March learned that the family had canceled the adoption and sent him back to the shelter, he was devastated. He retreated to a corner of his kennel, refused to speak to anyone, and stared helplessly at the wall.

The Importance of Supporting Shelter Dogs

March's story may have a happy ending, but millions of shelter dogs are put to sleep each year because they cannot find homes or adapt to the environment. It's up to all of us to support these dogs and speak out on their behalf. By spreading the word and raising awareness, we can help more dogs like March find the love and happiness they deserve.

In conclusion, March's story serves as a reminder of the importance of rescuing and supporting shelter dogs. While it can be a heart-wrenching experience, it's worth it to give these dogs a second chance at a happy life. So let's all do our part and make a difference for dogs like March.

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