Stray Dog Walks to Pharmacy and Seeks Help for Injured Paw

A heartwarming story of a stray dog seeking help from a kind-hearted pharmacist in Turkey has recently captured the attention of animal lovers worldwide. In this article, we will dive into the details of this inspiring event and explore the importance of showing compassion to animals.

The Encounter at the Pharmacy

Bаnu Cеngiz, a pharmacist in Turkey, was taken by surprise when she saw a stray dog wandering expectantly in front of her pharmacy. The dog had a feeble expression and looked at Bаnu Cеngiz as if it wanted to say something.

Concerned that something was wrong, Bаnu Cеngiz rushed to the dog and noticed its paw bleeding. To ask for help, the dog started wagging its tail and put its injured paw on Bаnu's hand.

The Kind-Hearted Response

Bаnu Cеngiz welcomed the dog inside and immediately cleaned the wound with antiseptic. She also provided the dog with food, water, and antibiotics. The weary pup rested on a dog bed until closing time after receiving the treatment she needed.

Although Bаnu Cеngiz helped the dog with food and tried to find her a home, unfortunately, the dog could not be taken to Bаnu's home.

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