Sick and Alone, Homeless Dog Finds Helps at a Rescue Center

The daily routine was underway at India's Humane Society International (HSI) headquarters. However, a homeless dog, in dire need of help, arrived at the site and found the environment peaceful and secure. She entered the premises, found a couch, and fell asleep. Eventually, the staff members noticed her and were shocked to see her condition.

Alokparna Sengupta, Vice Director of HSI India, stated to The Dodo, "It was the odor that caught our attention. The dog had scabies and was bleeding from her ears, which indicated a severe skin disease."

The staff rushed to provide food and water for the dog, but their sudden movements scared her, causing her to flee. The next day, she returned and the staff members were prepared. They locked the doors to prevent her from leaving, provided her with food and water, and took her to the vet.

The doctor diagnosed the dog, Fairy, with severe scabies and noted that she had been in pain for months. The fairy had little fur left on her body, was terrified, and desperately needed assistance.

Despite her condition, Fairy was a model patient throughout her treatment and care. She never showed any resistance or complaints and seemed grateful for finally having people who would love and care for her.

After her recovery, it was discovered that Fairy was a friendly and sociable dog. She quickly trusted the volunteers at the kennel and calmly allowed herself to be bathed once a week.

According to Alokparna, "Fairy has been a very tolerant and content dog. She was content and sociable after her recovery."

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