Incredible Legacy Left by Amazing Pet Labrador: Tollie's Contribution to Charitable Causes

Meet Tollie, a beloved Labrador who has touched the lives of many with her contributions to charitable causes and her remarkable recovery from two complex eye surgeries. Tollie's owner, Helen Forbes, appreciates the team at Eye Vet in Sutton Weaver, Cheshire, who twice saved her pet's sight.

Tollie's Journey to Better Sight Tollie's journey to better sight started in 2013 when she was playing in the woods and returned home with an injury to her right eye caused by an embedded thorn. The thorn had pierced Tollie's cornea and caused her iris to prolapse, leading to a complex surgery by veterinary ophthalmologist Iona Mathieson at Eye Vet. The iris was fixed, the eye was expanded again, and the anterior chamber was reshaped, resulting in improved vision for Tollie.

Five years later, a gray area on Tollie's cornea turned into a cataract, and she had to return to Eye Vet for more surgery. Iona, once again, came to the rescue, and Tollie regained her eye vision. Helen Forbes expressed her gratitude towards Iona and the entire team at Eye Vet for their care and support, saying, "We couldn't be more content. Tollie is a cherished family pet who has contributed significantly to worthy causes."

Tollie's Incredible Legacy

Tollie is not just a beloved family pet, but also a proud mother of 20 puppies, 12 of which were donated to Guide Dogs, three to Canine Partners, three to Dogs for Good, and two to the French Guide Dogs organization. Her puppies have also contributed to the breeding program for guide dogs, meaning that Tollie's legacy will continue through her grandchildren and possibly even great-grandchildren.

The entire Forbes family is proud of Tollie's contributions, and Helen says, "The dynasty that Tollie has now established is quite wonderful and brings the entire family great joy." Tollie's story is a testament to the love and dedication of pet owners, and the remarkable work done by veterinarians and charitable organizations.


Tollie's journey to better sight and her incredible legacy of contributions to charitable causes is a reminders of the positive impact that pets can have on our lives. We should all be grateful for the work done by veterinary professionals and charitable organizations, and continue to support their efforts. Tollie's story inspires us all, and her legacy will live on, touching the lives of many for generations to come.

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