Dog Rescues Baby Deer from Drowning and Forms a New Friendship

Meet Harley, the Golden Doodle who turned into a superhero by saving the life of a baby fawn. This heartwarming incident took place near Harley's Virginia home, where the baby deer was drowning in a lake. Ralph Dorn, Harley's owner, and a retired Marine Corps pilot, captured the entire event on video, which later went viral after he shared it on Facebook.

When Ralph noticed him, Harley was swimming in the lake, about 200 feet away from the shore. To Ralph's amazement, Harley was guiding a baby deer back to the beach. The fawn seemed lost and confused, but Harley was beside it, paddling to ensure its safety. Ralph eventually went to the scene and helped the young deer up a steep ledge and onto the grass.

The fawn was only a few days old and looked helpless. While Ralph was helping the baby deer, Harley sniffed and licked it to show that it was safe and under his care. It seemed as if the Golden Doodle didn't want to leave the fawn's side, and kept on licking and caring for it. After some time, the fawn's mother arrived, and Ralph and Harley went inside the house, allowing the mother deer and the fawn to reunite.

The very next morning, the fawn returned to the house to meet his savior. After hearing the baby deer's squalls, Harley started jumping from one window to another, trying to catch a glimpse of his deer friend. As soon as Ralph opened the door, Harley rushed outside to greet his newfound friend.

The reunion consisted of a bleating session, a tail-wagging session, a nose-touching session, and sniffing another session. After all this excitement ended, Hsniffing-each-other went their separate ways, but they formed a friendship that would last forever.


Dogs are often known for their loyalty and bravery, and Harley is a perfect example of that. His heroic act of saving a baby deer from drowning shows how compassionate and caring dogs can be. This incident is a reminder that animals have feelings too, and they can form bonds that are just as strong as human relationships. Harley and the fawn's friendship is proof of that.

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