Dog Crying Inside Extremely Hot Vehicle Rescued by Bystanders at Pet Store

A heart-wrenching incident occurred in Halifax, Canada, where a dog was found whimpering inside a parked car in the scorching heat. Thanks to a group of compassionate bystanders who heard his cries, the dog was rescued from the brink of heatstroke.

The Distress Call

A woman ran into a nearby pet store in Halifax and informed the staff about the dog trapped inside a hot car. Erin Rowe, who was at the store, took the matter into her own hands and called 911. She tried to free the dog, who was locked inside a small travel carrier with very little ventilation and was 100 percent in distress.

Erin's Quick Action

Erin Rowe did not hesitate to take action, and her quick thinking proved vital in saving the dog's life. She was devastated by the situation and said, "I was absolutely devastated that someone actually still does that in today's day and age with all the warnings out there. So, I jumped into action. So it was like my own child, my own dog."

Rescue Operation

Thankfully, someone was able to reach inside the car window and hit the unlock button, enabling them to bring the dog inside the store and cool him down. It was a close call, and the dog was lucky to be rescued in time.

Learned Lesson

Erin Rowe hopes that the dog's owner learned a valuable lesson from this incident. Pet owners must be aware of the dangers of leaving their dogs in hot vehicles. With the region expecting a heatwave, Erin urges dog owners to leave their pets at home in a safe and relaxed environment.


The heroic efforts of Erin Rowe and the other bystanders who rescued the dog from the hot car are commendable. It is a reminder of how crucial it is to be vigilant and take quick action to save the lives of helpless animals. As responsible pet owners, we must provide a safe and comfortable environment for our furry friends, especially during the hot summer months. Let us learn from this incident and make sure that our pets are never left alone in a hot car.

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